Staff Members

To contact any staff member by phone, dial 204-943-8765. When prompted, press 1 for a staff at Ellen or 2 for a staff at Isabel, then dial the extension.

Each staff email is the staff’s full first name and the first initial of their last name For example, Jane Smith would be

Click on each staff member’s (highlighted) name to view their full biography.

Senior Management Team

Name Position Location Extension
Dorota Blumczynska Executive Director Isabel 255
Shereen Denetto Associate Executive Director Ellen 110
Carlos Vialard Director of Programming Isabel 207
Fitsum Getahun Director of Programming Ellen 121
Tim Froese Director of Human Resources Ellen 105

Administrative Team

Name Position Location Extension
Nyokabi Gitonga Bookkeeper Ellen 117
Osaretin Edegbe Bookkeeper Ellen 117
Gagandeep Singh Bookkeeper Ellen 117
Joanna Schellenberg Executive Assistant Isabel 255
Maligne Esposito Program Assistant Ellen 101
Hamda Ahmed Receptionist Isabel 201
Virginia Gonzales Operations Manager Isabel 202
Michelle Gazze Volunteer and Community Engagement Manager Ellen 109
Rayne Graff Volunteer and Community Services Coordinator Ellen 111
Reisa Mathura Volunteer and Community Engagement Program Assistant Ellen 111
Wendy Nelson Community Outreach Worker  Isabel


Housing Team

Name Position Location Extension
Agnieszka Sheehan Housing Manager Isabel 107
Abdirahman Ahmed Housing Assistant Ellen 107
Manny Revidad House Manager Ellen
Manny Camaclang Weekend Caretaker Isabel
Chhatra Bhattarai House Caretaker All
Isata Kamara Weekend Caretaker All
Surya Bahadur Caretaker Ellen

Community Resource Program

Name Position Location Extension
Talatu Shokpeka Program Manager Isabel 102
Carol Reimer Social Worker Ellen 103
Luladei Abdi Hassen Social Worker Isabel  210
Mohamed Mohamed Community Resource Specialist Isabel 104
Rania Shaaban Community Resource Specialist Ellen  203
Nikhat Merchant Early Childhood Development Hub Program Assistant Isabel  206
Letekidan Izuz Life Skills Support Worker Ellen & Isabel
Anisa Osman  Life Skills Support Worker  Ellen

Asset Building Program

Name Position Location Extension
Amal Shire Program Manager Isabel 208
Tehut Dibaba Access to Benefits Navigator Isabel 106
Emilienne Minani Asset Building Assistant Isabel 108

After School Program


Name Position Location Extension
Mathew Joseph Program Manager Isabel 251
Gololcha Boru Program Manager Isabel 251
Fatuma Sufi Lead Program Support Worker Isabel 250
Avinash Muralidharan Teacher and School Liaison Notre Dame
Menal Al Fekih Education Support Worker Notre Dame
Colin Kowal Program Support Worker Notre Dame
Dawit Gebreezgi Program Support Worker Isabel 250
Esperence Shima Program Support Worker Isabel 250
Ganni Hassen Program Support Worker Isabel 250
Nasri Sheikh-Hassan Program Support Worker Isabel 250
Berevan Hesso Program Support Worker Isabel 250
Niamat Ahmed Inclusion Support Worker  All
Abraham Eyob Inclusion Support Worker  All
Aron Gebremariam Driver All

Newcomer Literacy Initiative

Name Position Location Extension
Jen Glenwright Program Manager/Teacher Ellen 116
Aiman Syed Teacher Ellen 116
Pat Hardy Teacher Ellen 116
Patrick Jordan Teacher Ellen 116

Childcare Program

Name Position Location Extension
Irene Sheldon Program Manager/ECE II Ellen 120
Gerri Gregory Assistant Manager/ECE II Isabel 120
Payal Shah ECE II HJM
Stephanie Zabar ECE II Ellen  120
Jeanine Nziguheba ECE II All
Glory Charlic Child Care Assistant All
Sifo Boramsso Child Care Assistant All
Sita Maya Gurung Child Care Assistant All
Ligia Mariz Child Care Assistant All
Drocella Mukankubana Child Care Assistant All
Kilishar Hamde Child Care Assistant All
Medhanit Gilamicheal Child Care Assistant All
Neveen Basilious Child Care Assistant All
Gloria Mbuyamba Child Care Assistant All
Rim Gebrehiwet Child Care Assistant All
Manar Majani Child Care Assistant All
Mihret Tekie Child Care Assistant All
Mona Kaur Child Care Assistant All
Julie Ann Facuri Child Care Assistant All
Tsega Weldegebrial Child Care Assistant All