Agnieszka Sheehan


Agnieszka Sheehan is a Newcomer Driver Education Specialist with the Asset Building Program.

Agnieszka came to IRCOM with over a decade of front line customer service and administrative experience working with diverse communities. Agnieszka started as a volunteer in the Newcomer Literacy Initiative, loving every minute of it. After completing her Teaching English as a Second Language Certificate through the University of Winnipeg in 2012, Agnieszka did her practicum in one of IRCOM’s classrooms as well as volunteered one day per week in the office, helping with the day to day administration of the organization. Her career with IRCOM started in the Housing department; here she grew to love the community even more, helping tenants learn about living in Canada. The opportunity to see tenants on a daily basis, sharing in their changing lives as they settled in their new community, watching them blossom into happy and ever more resourceful members of Canadian society were the biggest rewards of the position.

As part of her self-development Agnieszka took advantage of an opportunity to become a driving instructor, while working as the Housing Administrative Assistant.  And when there was a chance  to apply for the Newcomer Driving Education Specialist position, she was very excited to open new doors to work with the newcomer community even further.

Agnieszka is an immigrant herself, who came to Canada as a child.  She saw her parents struggle to find their footing in their new country, and so she hopes to use this experience, her empathy, as well as her love for others to help IRCOM fulfill its mission.