Avinash Muralidharan

NashAvinash was born in a small town called Kollam located in the Southern state of Kerala, India. He moved to Canada in the fall of 2016. He graduated from the Central Board of Secondary Education and obtained his Bachelors in Physics from the University of Kerala, India. His passion for Physics helped him obtain his Masters in Physics from Periyar University, India. During his studies he realized that students in schools are not motivated to pursue pure science and mathematics and this roots from the lack of interest in the subject. He then went on to teach in high schools of India for 2 years to try and make a change in the outlook of students towards the sciences and mathematics, before he joined for research in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology in Mahatma Gandhi University, India. Even while pursuing research he continued teaching students in high school. Avinash started as a volunteer for IRCOM soon after he moved to Winnipeg, and was hired on within a couple months. Currently he is also pursuing his Masters in Electrical Engineering from University of Manitoba.