Emelda Spencer

Emelda Spencer was born on a beautiful evening sometime in June, 1993. She doesn’t remember much about her early childhood (as most people don’t), but her mom says that she was a tiny baby who quickly gained a lot of weight and became very chubby. Her mom says that as a toddler, she was always talking, asking a lot of questions and giving no one a chance to answer them before she went on to ask more.

As she grew older to become an adult, her thirst for knowledge did not end with her childhood or adolescent years, but she has evolved and matured in her learning process. Now she knows that when she has questions, it is important to ask them, but it is equally as important to wait for the answers because that is how you obtain knowledge: by listening with your heart, mind, and soul. She is a constant learner, but her passion is especially to learn more about science and its importance in shaping our health care technology. In her spare time, she loves watching the news, reading about political scandals and learning about how the Canadian Government makes policies. She also enjoys learning what kind of issues are most important to Canadians and other nations across the globe.  As one can tell already, she is a political enthusiast and her aspiration is to one day get involved in Canadian politics. Her hope is that this will help her have the opportunity to advocate for low income families and work to further improve our Health Care System on a national platform.