Fatuma Sufi

239Fatuma Sufi joined IRCOM in 2011 as an Urban Green Team worker, but has stayed on as a Child and Youth support worker. Fatuma is originally is from Somalia, thought she grew up in Yemen. While there she worked with an organization called the Adventist Development Agency as a community worker.

In November 2008 Fatuma came to Canada with her family where she attended Grant Park High School and graduated in the spring of 2012. Fatuma also worked at Needs Centre as a support worker in the Youth and Link program where she assisted the students. In the future Fatuma hopes to go to the University of Manitoba to study social work.

For now she is learning a lot by working at IRCOM. She is grateful for the opportunities she has had to build confidence, to work independently, to develop communication skills with staff members as well as written. She really enjoys working with the IRCOM community and family program.

In her free time Fatuma likes to keep a journal and spend time with family and friends. She also likes drawing Henna designs and playing badminton. Fatuma also enjoys volunteering in different organizations and speaks three languages: Somali, Arabic and English.