Vanessa Kornelsen

229Vanessa Kornelsen has been working with IRCOM off and on since 2010, first as a practicum student, then as the Family-to-Family Program Coordinator, and now in the Volunteer and Community Services Program. Between the summers she spent at IRCOM, Vanessa earned her Bachelor of Arts from the Canadian Mennonite University with a double major in Political Studies and Biblical and Theological Studies. After graduating from CMU in 2012, Vanessa went on to work for the university for two years with their Outtatown program. This gave her a great opportunity to travel across Western Canada and live in Guatemala for a total of six months. Her Spanish benefited from this time a lot!

In her spare time Vanessa enjoys reading, playing soccer, running, doing Pilates, and meeting up with friends. She still believes she will one day go back to school for a Master’s degree, but hasn’t yet decided what field to pursue.