Women’s Health Services

Family Foundations
51 Morrow (St. Vital)
Winnipeg MB R2M 1A5
Phone: (204) 946-9153
Fax: (204) 946-9154
Contact: Tamara Pidhirney, Healthy Baby facilitator
E-mail: tpidhirney@mts.net

  • Family Foundations is a Healthy Baby Community Support Program offered weekly on Thursdays form 1:00 to 3:00 pm
  • Parents share information about caring for infants through games, casual conversation and guest speakers. Onsite childcare, snacks and more are provided free of charge.

Health Sciences Centre
Women’s Health Program
Contact: Alison Lorimer, RN
Room WR005
Phone: (204)787-2524 pager 6289
E-mail: Alorimer@exchange.hsc.mb.ca

  • It is helpful for program staff to be made aware of interpreter requirements ahead of time so that a certified interpreter can be arranged.
  • Pertinent medical or psychosocial information on a client’s religion or culture that require a female physician in attendance should be noted including any history of sexual trauma or rape if possible.
  • Pregnancy counseling and therapeutic abortions by physician and self referral: 787-1960
  • High Risk Pregnancy by physician referral: 787-1781 or Fax at 787-2876
  • Breastfeeding Clinic Drop-in Thursday’s from 1300-1500 WS-015
  • Gynecology by physician consult or by self-referral 787-1781 or Fax at 787-2876
  • Family Planning Clinic self or doc referral: 787-1781 or Fax at 787-2876
  • Adolescent prenatal by self and doc referral: 787-1781 or Fax at 787-2876
  • Colposcopy by physician referral with abnormal PAP smear: 787-1961 or fax 787-2314
  • Routine prenatal care by self or doc referral: 787-1781 or Fax at 787-2876

Healthy Start for Mom & Me
400 Edmonton St. Second Floor
Winnipeg MB R3B 2M2
Phone: (204) 949-5350
Fax: (204) 949-4800
E-mail: healthystart@mts.net
Web Site: www.mflohc.mb.ca
Contact: Karen or Laurie to arrange classes

  • This Program offers special pre and postnatal classes for newcomers who do not speak English. Interpreters can be arranged to provide assistance.
  • New or expectant families will learn about having a baby in Canada. A nurse and dietician will be available to answer questions.
  • Classes are offered two Mondays per month from 1:30 to 3:30 pm.
  • Participants will receive a snack, bus tickets if needed to attend class, and milk coupons for mothers during their pregnancy and for six months after the baby is born, on-site babysitting for children under 5 years of age

Sexuality Education Resource Centre (SERC)
2nd Floor, 555 Broadway
Winnipeg MB R3C 0W4
Phone: (204) 982-7800
Fax: (204) 982-7819
E-mail: info@serc.mb.ca
Web Site: www.serc.mb.ca
Contact: Anna Ling, AnnaL@serc.mb.ca, 982-7811

  • Staff and trained volunteers provide free and confidential information and assistance on an individual and group basis to immigrants and refugees on reproductive health, maternal/child health including pre-and post partum issues and sexuality education for newcomers.
  • Parent education classes (8-10 session) are provided in the Fall and New Year to help address intergenerational issues, cultural adaptation, family communication about sexuality, adolescent development and address the challenges for children growing up between two cultures

WRHA Midwifery Services
Midwifery Program Assistant
490 Hargrave St
Winnipeg MB R3A 0X7
Phone: 940-2185
Fax: 940-2690
E-mail: spelletier@wrha.mb.ca
Contact: Sylvie Pelletier

Midwives are trained health care professionals who provide prenatal, labour and birth and postpartum care including breast feeding support.