IRCOM HOUSE is an apartment building opened on January 1991 to provide an alternative and supportive form of housing to newcomers to Canada in their first year of residence. Ircom House is sponsored by the Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization of Manitoba Inc., a non profit volunteer based organization devoted to assist newcomers in Winnipeg. IRCOM welcomes all newcomers. 

Transitional Housing provides newcomer families with second-stage accommodation for a period of 1 year, with the possibility of renewal for another 2 years (for a maximum of three years from arrival in Canada).

IRCOM HOUSE operates a 66 unit 2 & 3 bedroom apartment block which offers such conveniences as proximity to schools, libraries, stores and shopping centres, places of worship, social service agencies, government offices, and recreational facilities.

IRCOM HOUSE is under MHRC’s Rent Geared to Income program (RGI). The rent includes such amenities as: fridge and stove, heat, electricity, and water. Most units have balconies or fenced-in patios, and some units are wheelchair accessible. IRCOM House offers on-site management and regular maintenance.

A communal playground and an outdoor parking lot are some of the other conveniences offered.

IRCOM HOUSE is conveniently located at 95 Ellen Street in a residential neighbourhood on the edge of Downtown Winnipeg.

This location offers the resident with a vast array of existing neighbourhood facilities such as schools, libraries, ethnic shopping, the choice of a variety of places of worship, and a variety of recreational and social opportunities. Being minutes from Downtown Winnipeg, the IRCOM HOUSE location also provides its residents with a closeness to employment opportunities, with easy access to various support service agencies, and all of the conveniences presented by a Downtown City Centre.