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Slips, falls all part of the fun at learn-to-skate day for newcomers (CBC News, January 13)


Winnipeg newcomer housing centre gets facelift (CBC News, June 5)

Building bridges: Winnipeg newcomer, Indigenous communities come together at conference, by Austin Grabish (CBC News, May 13)

Manitoba Infographic on RefugeesImmigration Partnership Winnipeg

Thousands of women march in Winnipeg, across Canada (CTV News, January 21)


Winnipeg cooking class helps refugees feel at home (CBC News, December 19)

Newcomer driver training: On the bumpy road to a new life in a new country, by Brett Purdy (CBC News, December 19)

‘Us versus Them’: Programs mend strained relations between Indigenous, newcomer communities, by Kaitlin Vitt (CBC News, November 12)

‘This is my first time trick-or-treating and I love it’: Newcomers experience Halloween, by Caroline Barghout (CBC News, October 31)

Youth Breaking Barriers, by Chino Argueta (Video)

Soccer field of dreams for newcomers, by Alexandra Paul (Winnipeg Free Press, September 25)

New housing development ready to open its doors to Winnipeg newcomers, by Matt Kieltyka (Metro News, September 14)

“You can see that there’s equality here:” New BBQ helps break barriers in Winnipeg, by Matt Kieltyka (Metro News, September 7)


After-school support programs ‘critical’ to immigrant youth, by Carol Sanders (Winnipeg Free Press, November 21)

Local refugee soccer team scores big, by Ashley Prest (Winnipeg Free Press, September 26)

Becoming Champions of Refugees and Immigrants, by Susan Huebert (Community News Commons, August 7)

Getting in the game: Inner-city, newcomer girls often on sidelines of world’s most accessible sport, by Carol Sanders (Winnipeg Free Press, May 23)

Hiding from chill of mistrust, by Carol Sanders (Winnipeg Free Press, May 23)

Making friends with newcomers, by Carol Sanders (Winnipeg Free Press, March 26)

Immigrants learn dogs can be best friends, by Doug Lunney (Winnipeg Sun, March 23)

New Lease on Ice-Video (Shaw TV Winnipeg, March 4)

Winnipeg hockey program teaches immigrant children how to skate (CBC News, March 3)

New hub for early education, by Mary Agnes Welch (Winnipeg Free Press, February 18)

New Lease on Ice (CTV News, February 2015)

New MPI program helps newcomers get on Manitoba roads, by Teghan Beaudette (CBC News, February 17, 2015)

Drivers ed program helps new Canadians navigate tricky roadways, by Doug Lunney (Winnipeg Sun, February 15, 2015)