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Police, newcomers working to build a model for peace, by Carol Sanders (Winnipeg Free Press, November 18, 2014)

Appeal of ruling on benefits slammed, by Carol Sanders (Winnipeg Free Press, July 7, 2014)

Federal government to appeal ruling reversing “cruel” cuts to refugee health (CBC News, July 4, 2014)

The Long Painful Wait, by Carol Sanders (Winnipeg Free Press, June 21, 2014)

Program brings families together, by Carol Sanders (Winnipeg Free Press, May 12, 2014)

Canadian citizenship is becoming unattainable for newcomers (CBC, Information Radio – MB,  Mar 5, 2014)

Refugee kids tell their own stories, by Nadiah Kidwai (Winnipeg Free Press, Jan 11, 2014)


Winnipeg police break bread with newcomers, by Shane Gibson (Metro Winnipeg November 21, 2013)

Refugee kids tell their own stories, by Nadia Kidwai (Winnipeg Free press, November 1st, 2013)

‘The Lucky Ones’ tells stories of refugees on the page, by Cindy Chan (Winnipeg Free Press, October 9th, 2013)

From Congo to Winnipeg, Starting School in a New Country (CBC News, September3rd, 2013)


Learn to Camp (CBC Radio, July 2012)

Familiarity with settlement services (CTV News at 6, July 24)

Welcome to Canada, welcome to our home” by Carol Sanders (Winnipeg Free Press, July 1)

Now I have 100% of my Dream” (Her Story, Our Story, Your Story: Canadian Women’s Foundation, June)

Manitoba politicians spar over immigration changes” (CBC Winnipeg, April 19)

Friendship spawns new mindset, charity, book” by Jordan Thompson (Winnipeg Free Press, January 18)

Faces of Africa: Former African residents share their first impressions of Manitoba” by Kevin Rollason (Winnipeg Free Press, January 18)


Refugees getting their kicks” by Carol Sanders (Winnipeg Free Press, October 4)

Great Friend to Kids Award 2011” (The Manitoba Children’s Museum, September 29)

A celebration of home for local immigrants” by William Burr (Winnipeg Free Press, June 27)

Refugee kicks up fun for downtown kids” by Carol Sanders (Winnipeg Free Press, June 25)

Refugees share personal stories” by Carol Sanders (Winnipeg Free Press, April 21)

Newcomer Literacy Initiative at the IRCOM” by Krista Law (Osbourne Village Resource Centre, Spring)


Manitoba Housing units get makeover for immigrants” by Katie Dangerfield (Winnipeg Free Press, December 22)

Canada and Manitoba to provide more housing for newcomers in Winnpeg with $9 million investment” (Province of Manitoba, December 21)

Early birds get the campaign results” (United Way of Winnipeg, October 22)

An interview with Faiza Hargayya” (CBC, October 11)

Learning to see newcomers in a new way” by Lori Penner (The Red River Valley Echo, October 11)

An interview with Shorsh Palani and Noelle DePape” (CBC, October)

Ghost of Stanfield’s drop from Katz’s boot to face” by Bartley Kives (The Winnipeg Free Press, August 25)

Families welcome newcomers” by Carol Sanders (Winnipeg Free Press, June 12)

Depression even harder for newcomers: experts” by Gabrielle Giroday (Winnipeg Free Press, June 5)

More immigrant moms facing mental health issues” by Chris Kitching (Winnipeg Sun, June 4)

Bridging a cultural divide” by Carol Saunders (Winnipeg Free Press, March 26)

A life devoted to helping others” by Adam Wazny (Winnipeg Free Press, February 10)

Interview with Noëlle DePape” by Terry McLeod (CBC Information Radio, January 25)


Live from 95” (A music video created by IRCOM youth in partnership with filmmakers Jim Agapito and Ervin Chartrand.)

New programs bridge divide” by Jihan Muhamad (The Uniter, December 3)

After-school programs lauded” (Winnipeg Free Press, November 18)

The World Could Learn” by Arielle Godbout (Winnipeg Free Press, July 4)

Her Own Toughest Critic” by Dorota Blumczynska (International Adult Learners’ Week 2009: The Power of Learning (page 15), Canadian Commission for UNESCO)

Women Honoured for Achievements” (Winnipeg Free Press, May 7)

Manitoba Movers: Vinh Huynh, Principle of Hugh John MacDonald School (Winnipeg Free Press, March 2)

Profiling IRCOM” (Winnipeg Sun, January 22)

Foundation Pledges to Carry on Mission” by Carol Sanders (Winnipeg Free Press, January 22)

It’s all Smiles at Winnipeg Foundation” by David Schmeichel (Winnipeg Sun, January 22)


Profiling IRCOM Balcony Garden” (courtesy of Oct. 2008)

Idle Balconies Transformed into lush Inner-City Oasis” by Lindsey Wiebe (Winnipeg Free Press, October 9)

Youth peacebuilding gathering a success” (MSC Current, Fall 2008 (see page 4))

Immigrants forced to contend with vermin, gangs” by Carol Sanders (Winnipeg Free Press, August 23)

City’s Refugees Live in Misery” by Carol Sanders (Winnipeg Free Press, August 23)

Immigrant agency calls for support” by Paul Gackle (Winnipeg Free Press, August 15)

Camps Promote Peace among Kids in Core” by Nick Martin (Winnipeg Free Press, August 13)

Systemic Barriers Give Immigrants a Raw Deal” by Sid Frankel (Winnipeg Free Press, August 13)

New Project Aims to Build Relationships, Understanding Between Winnipeg’s Inner City Youth” (Canadian Mennonite University, July 25)

A Haven of Learning” by Carol Sanders (Winnipeg Free Press, February 4)


From Africa, with Guns” by Nancy MacDonald (Maclean’s Magazine, August 27)

Camps promote peace among kids in core” by Nick Martin (Winnipeg Free Press, August 13)

Farm will help Newcomers Grow Food on their own Turf” by Lindsey Wiebe (Winnipeg Free Press, June 17)