Youth Programs

IRCOM runs programming for youth ages 13-18 five days a week (from 7pm to 9pm) with a variety of activities that are fun, empowering, and recreational. The content of our programs vary from season to season but often include:

  • Variety Night: where youth participate in a variety of outings and activities including video game nights, movies, bowling, competitions, Skyzone, YMCA, tobogganing, games nights, workshops, BBQs and parks.
  • Cooking Night: where youth learn about nutrition, food sourcing and industry as well as how to use readily available ingredients to make healthy dishes.
  • Leadership Program: where youth learn about philanthropy, youth rights, advocacy, educational and social challenges as well as many current issues. The leadership group participates in several youth advisory committees and are members of Youth in Philanthropy (YIP).
  • Girls’/Boys’ Night: an evening that provides a safe space where girls and boys can share, talk with positive role models and have fun!
  • Sports Teams: opportunities for youth to build positive relationships and self-esteem through sport.
  • Speciality programs: based on youth interests. In the past this has included filmmaking, drama, hip hop, and other activities. Specialty programs are usually run in partnership with other organizations.

IRCOM is a member in good standing of the Youth Agencies Alliance and participates in its programming. This includes the Rotary Leadership Circle Program, summer camps and other collective programs.