Youth Programs

IRCOM runs programming for youth ages 13-18 five days a week (from 7pm to 9pm) with a variety of activities that are fun, empowering, and recreational. The content of our programs vary from season to season but for this year they include:

  • Variety Night: where youth participate in a variety of outings and activities including video game nights, movies, bowling, competitions, Skyzone, YMCA, tobogganing, games nights, workshops, BBQs and parks.
  • Cooking Night: where youth learn about nutrition, food sourcing and industry as well as how to use readily available ingredients to make healthy dishes.
  • Leadership Program: IRCOM youth are able to help design the program to address specific areas of interest to them. Topics include philanthropy, youth rights, advocacy, educational and social challenges as well as many current issues. The leadership group participates in several youth advisory committees and are members of Youth in Philanthropy (YIP).
  • Drama Program: Facilitators from organizations such as Manitoba Theatre for Young People run a weekly drama program that allow youth to be themselves and explore their creative side while learning the fundamentals of improvisation and acting. Youth play fun interactive games to build their skills and confidence in order to work towards performing a play.
  • Girls’ Night: an evening run by female staff and volunteers that provides a safe space where girls can share, talk with positive female role models and have fun! Activities include helping with homework, leadership & teambuilding activities, hair and nails night, art, sports, games and activities, and discussions about women’s issues (i.e.: relationships, women’s health, etc).
  • Boys’ Night: an evening run by male staff and volunteers that provides a safe space where boys can share, talk with positive male role models and have fun! It includes mentorship & leadership activities, as well as sports and team building.
  • Sports Teams: opportunities for youth to build positive relationships and self-esteem through sport. IRCOM currently offers soccer, basketball and track and field.

IRCOM is a member in good standing of the Coalition for Community Based Youth Serving Agencies and participates in its programming. This includes the Rotary Leadership Circle Program, summer camps and other collective programs.

IRCOM is also a member in good standing of the Youth Peacebuilding Project and participates in the annual summer youth peace gathering where youth between the ages of 14 and 16 from diverse cultural backgrounds get together to dialogue about diversity, culture, identity, faith, racism and racial stereotyping and difference.