Community Resource Program

The Community Resource Program (CRP) at IRCOM aims to build the capacity and life-skills of newcomers to Canada. The CRP works to connect immigrants, refugees and refugee claimants with the resources and support they require in order to succeed in their new environment. The CRP and its staff provide newcomers with support services, community linkages, training and referrals that will enable and empower clients to live independently in a Canadian context.

Community Resource Program Goals:

1- Capacity Building

  • Assist newcomer families to adjust to life in Canada
  • Respond to the individual needs of newcomer families
  • Develop and run relevant educational workshops for newcomers on relevant issues

2 – Enhance Communication

  • Inform and communicate with newcomers on their rights and responsibilities as tenants
  • Link newcomers with IRCOM programs & staff

3 – Outreach & Liaison

  • Connect newcomers with the larger neighborhood and community
  • Assist newcomers in finding jobs, training opportunities & third stage housing

4 – Community Building

  • Provide opportunities for community development and relationship building amongst residents and clients of IRCOM through events and programming (ie: balcony gardening, IRCOM café, summer celebration etc)
  • Engage newcomer clients in community building activities at IRCOM and in the wider community

On-site community workers assist close to 300 newcomers in their adaptation to life in Canada through orientation to housing, social services, and Winnipeg’s wider community. The CRT provides newcomer clients with access to useful tools and resources that assist them to make a successful transition into Canadian life.

Some of the CRP Activities…

  • Acculturation & adaptation
  • Cultural integration through the Family-to-Family host program
  • Job search & finding relevant education/skills training opportunities
  • Community consultations and meetings
  • Life skills training (renting in Canada, health & safety precautions, etc…)
  • Health, family & parenting in Canada
  • Educational workshops
  • Community greening program
  • Community recreational programs
  • Conversational English programs
  • Translation & interpretation of important documents, posters, letters
  • Third stage house search assistance
  • Tenant volunteers