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Eight months into the pandemic many of us are tired, our spirits are weary, but none of us should be hungry.

There is no place for hunger in our community, COVID or not. Hunger stops children from learning, it takes away the dreams of youth, it forces families to just survive when all they want is to finally starting living. But what feeds the stomach isn’t always what feeds the soul, and right now, we are in desperate need of “soul” food.

Soul food; the delicious things you remember from childhood, the tastes of comfort and the smells of home. It’s familiar and often uncomplicated, and in every corner of the world, it’s a little bit different. Cassava flour, peanut oil, injera, berbere, jackfruit, okra…. these items don’t come in food hampers, and yet for IRCOM families, they are staples.

IRCOM’s Community Cupboard provides nearly 500 people with free access to food of the world – global staples. Whether it’s Kosher or Halal, grown in tropical forests, or on the foothills of mountains, our community cupboard honours our families and feeds their souls.

This is a special time of year. In many traditions, families are gathering to celebrate the season, the bounty of the harvest, the gifts of peace and community. Food is at the heart of these moments. And in past years, IRCOM’s Winter Celebrations would bring neighbours together to do just that: eat, laugh, and rejoice. So, although we can’t bring folks together now, we still want every family to have a feast.

Your gift will provide culturally diverse, ethnic, global foods for IRCOM families over the holidays and into the winter. Behind closed doors, with your help, they will prepare delicacies, stews and flatbreads. You will feed their spirits, and even in the quiet of isolation, they will remember they are never alone. 

Thank you for your enduring friendship and generous support. We’re so fortunate to have a community that welcomes our families and helps make Winnipeg feel like home. If you can, please consider renewing or increasing your gift.

Donate today.

We wish you continued good health and the love of family and friends.

On behalf of all of us at IRCOM,

– Dorota

Executive Director/ Dyrektor

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