From Walking Stick to Wheelchair

While Tenenke lived in the Ivory Coast, she sustained a knee injury in a conflict and was given a walking stick by her grandmother.  When she moved to Canada she used a walker with wheels and struggled to get around in the snow. She would have to walk a few meters and then sit on her walker to rest. She would walk a few more meters and rest again. One day she, she was called into a store where a man who had watched her struggle offered her a gift: a motorized wheelchair.  Because of the gift, she can travel anywhere, any time, no matter the weather. Tenenke can’t express how grateful she is and prays for the unknown gift giver every day.

Tenenke recently shared her story at the award-winning Museum without a Home, a traveling exhibit of items donated to refugees in their new countries.  Each gift in the exhibition is a symbol of friendship and solidarity, a reminder that small acts of kindness can have big impacts. 

IRCOM thanks Tenenke for sharing her story and making the event a great success.

Tenenke Sangare sitting beside the exhibit that showcased her story and gift.

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