IRCOM bids farewell to its longest serving Executive Director

Winnipeg, MB [February 9, 2021] – The Board of Directors of the Immigrant and
Refugee Community Organization of Manitoba Inc., fondly known as IRCOM, would like
to announce the departure of its Executive Director, Dorota Blumczynska, effective
March 31, 2021. Of her thirteen-years at IRCOM, Dorota has been the organization’s
leader for over a decade, helping to make IRCOM a highly effective program admired
and supported by the entire community.

“We appreciate the extraordinary contributions Dorota has made to IRCOM and how her
leadership has navigated us to notable achievements,” says Paula Hamilton, President
of the Board of Directors. “IRCOM is prepared and eager to carry on with its exceptional
work. Our fundamental mission and values remain as we strive to empower newcomer
families through transitional housing as well as holistic programs and services. Thanks
in large part to Dorota, we have a strong team of staff, volunteers, and partners and we
look forward to continuing to build relationships and serve the community.”

“IRCOM is a place like no other; the wonderful people who choose to bring their skills,
passion, and talents to the service of the community make it possible for hope to be
renewed and lives to be transformed. It’s been an honour to work alongside all of the
staff, volunteers, tenants, and community members; I am forever changed by all of you,”
says Blumczynska. “My sincerest thanks to the Board of Directors, who took a chance
on me many years ago, all those who’ve mentored and guided me, who gave me the
benefit of the doubt, and invested in my leadership journey. I’m excited to see what the
future holds for you, to cheer you on, and to always champion the vision we’ve
dedicated ourselves to – a community of belonging.”

The IRCOM Board of Directors awaits the completion of its 2021-2024 Strategic Plan, which will set IRCOM on a path of continued success. This guiding document will help
determine the core leadership competencies needed in IRCOM’s future Executive
Director. After Blumczynska’s departure, an Interim ED will be appointed to support the
team and community through a period of transition, while the Search Committee
undertakes the recruitment process.

For more information or to arrange interviews, please contact:
Dorota Blumczynska
(204) 995-2649

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