IRCOM’s Newcomer Greening Initiative is a hugely popular program at IRCOM House.



In the summer of 2007, the Greening Program began with a handful of growers utilizing the 1000 sq. feet of balcony space at IRCOM Ellen to grow vegetables and herbs from Canada and their home countries. Each summer, growers spend time watering, weeding and harvesting their gardens. The season ends with a produce fair, where growers showcase their produce and share their gardening experiences.

If you would like to support the Greening Program (by donating soil, seeds, your backyard for use by a newcomer, equipment or your time) please contact Talatu Shokpeka at or by phone at 204-943-8765 ext 102.

As our balcony and garden plot spaces are limited, they are available to tenants only. Tenants who want to participate can talk to Talatu.

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