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The wellbeing of our newest families and all families in Winnipeg are intrinsically linked. By contributing to IRCOM’s programs you help our families find home, again

For a tour of IRCOM, to invite a speaker to an event, or to arrange for a workplace group volunteer opportunity please contact Joanna Schellenberg.


Come to IRCOM for a tour and learn about our unique community.


Get your hand’s dirty building A Community of Belonging.


Cash, cards or cargo – the 3 C’s of caring.

Many Manitobans are deeply invested in the wellbeing of our newest neighbours and through their support of IRCOM are committed to building a community that is inclusive and welcoming to those who find refuge here. Thank you again for being one such Manitoban.

Volunteer and Community Services Program

Making an Impact

Our volunteers have demonstrated lasting and profound compassion for others. IRCOM has positions for volunteers to assist in many different programs.

Clothing & Furniture Donations

Due to limited space we do not accept clothing, household items or furniture.
We do however, refer our families to the following community partners where they can obtain them:

Central Park Women’s Resource Centre | Canadian Muslim Women’s Institute | Hands of Hope (Furniture)

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