IRCOM is one of a kind place; home to hundreds of immigrants and refugees from across the globe. If you could imagine the most vibrant, multi-lingual community where the scent of spices and cuisines fill hallways, and the sound of laughter echoes throughout – IRCOM is that place. It is a village, perhaps not spread wide, but rather built into the sky.

It is more than just your compassion that makes a difference. You understand that the wellbeing of our newest families and all families in Winnipeg are intrinsically linked. By contributing to IRCOM’s programs you help our families find home, again. We are inviting more Manitobans to understand our work and support it in whatever ways they can; first and foremost, so we can confidently assure our community, they are not alone.  

A coloring book costs $5, one soccer ball costs $15, and a bilingual book costs $25. It doesn’t take a lot to awaken hope and possibility and place it in the hands of children. By becoming a monthly donor or increasing your existing donation, IRCOM can best utilize your gift by confidently planning ahead, knowing we can count on you. 

Thank you for making IRCOM your Charity of Choice, and thank you for believing that the lives of newcomers are deserving of protection and enrichment. We would love to hear from you, and would like to give you an opportunity to hear more stories, along with a chance to walk the halls of IRCOM and meet some of the families that are touched by your generosity.

If you would like to write a cheque, please make it payable to IRCOM Inc.

It can be mailed to our IRCOM Ellen location:

95 Ellen Street
Winnipeg, MB R3A 1S8

Important information for IRCOM donors:

Follow this link to review recent and past IRCOM Annual Reports

Independently audited financial statements can be requested by emailing:

To contact the President of the IRCOM Board of Directors, please email and your inquiry will be forwarded.
IRCOM’s charitable number is: 128429537 RR0001

IRCOM children

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