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Dear friend,

Connection. That is what the After School Program builds with your gift. Right now, the children and youth at IRCOM are facing the challenges of increased gang activity and violence in our neighbourhoods. You can help keep our community welcoming and safe by donating to the After School Program today. 

Like you, I have to believe in what isn’t always right in front of me. A vision of the world I want to help create. So, although asking for money isn’t something I enjoy, I’m asking you today because together we can make that vision a reality for all to see.

I just sat down and had a cup of tea with Genet and Rezene, Galila’s parents. Eight months ago, on their way to pick up her older brother for lunch, Galila and her mom Genet were hit by a vehicle on the crosswalk outside our front door.  The next day, Galila died from her injuries. I stayed with dad in the hospital, consoled him in whatever ways I could, we grieved, and we wept.

Today, I was in their apartment, where we enjoyed each other’s company and talked about the traffic lights being installed outside their living room window. Lights that were approved by the city because of Galila. We chatted about how Lamek, their son, is doing in school, and what plans they have for visiting family. Genet and I mused about how wonderful Rezene has been through all these months, cooking delicious meals and keeping up the home. We shared some laughter, I held Genet’s hand, and we parted with a warm embrace and a promise to visit again soon.

Why do I share this with you? Because this moment is a shining example of what lives at the heart of IRCOM’s “why”. When the news story passes and the urgency of daily life takes over, IRCOM remains steadfast beside our families. Our journey together continues, through all the stages of grief and beyond. And it is your generous support that makes this possible. Without your donation, we would not be able to provide adequate support through such difficult moments.

When I stand beside a family living through tragedy, trauma, or trouble, I need you standing there with me.

Sadly, there is trouble on the horizon. Our shared vision of a safe and welcoming community is being threatened. Increased gang activity and horrific violence confronts us now. This is because of disconnection and a loss of hope. We have the opportunity to change this. With your support, IRCOM’s After School Programs for children and youth – touching over 200 young lives – will provide them with safe spaces in the evenings, meaningful learning opportunities, and weekend recreational activities. 

You can give IRCOM’s children and youth the connection and hope they are hungry for.

Whatever your gift – $25, $50, $100 or more – Your gift will help all of our families find home, again.


Warmest regards,

Dorota Blumczynska
Executive Director / Dyrektor
Immigrant & Refugee Community Organization of Manitoba (IRCOM) Inc.

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