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Volunteers in Action with Naomi Gichungu

  • Naomi Gichungu
        “I always strive to impact other people’s lives, it’s never been just about the greening, but it is social as well.” (more…) Read More
  • Now Hiring a Social Worker!
    January 12, 2018

    IRCOM is currently hiring a social worker. Please see the job posting for more details. To apply, send in your cover letter and resume to admin@ircom.ca by January 30th.

    Community Resource Specialist – Social Worker – January-2018

  • Now Hiring a Receptionist for IRCOM’s Ellen Location!

    IRCOM is currently hiring a receptionist for our 95 Ellen St. location. To apply, send a cover letter and resume to admin@ircom.ca by Thursday, January 18. See job posting for more details.

    IRCOM Ellen Receptionist Job Posting- January 2018

  • Wahkohtowin – Strengthening Families Program now recruiting
    November 6, 2017

    Do you one be part of Strengthening family program?

    Please take a minute to answer the following questions:



             Rapid Enrollment Criteria’s

    If your answer is  yes, please mark the box with “√”
        Yes    No
    1. Do you live in Winnipeg?  
    2. Do you have at least one youth in the age group

    11to17, along with identified family members?

    3. Do you want to have fun and meet new people?
    4. Aare you an immigrant, refugee or a refugee claimant?  
    5. Are you willing to complete a survey before and after the program?

    If your answer is yes to all the above questions, please see the brochures for detail information and further contacts.

    Strengthening Families Brochure

    Strengthening Families Program Flyer