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Volunteers in Action with Naomi Gichungu

  • Naomi Gichungu
        “I always strive to impact other people’s lives, it’s never been just about the greening, but it is social as well.” (more…) Read More
  • IRCOM is now hiring!
    August 21, 2017

    IRCOM is currently hiring for several new positions. All applications are due by 5pm on August 30th and can be sent to dorotab@ircom.ca. Please clearly indicate which position you are applying for.

    IRCOM Operations Manager – August 2017

    IRCOM Housing Manager – August 2017

    IRCOM Director of Programming – August 2017

    ASP Co-Manager August 2017

  • Now looking for 6 Youth interns for our After School Program!
    August 1, 2017

    IRCOM’s Volunteer and Community Services Program is currently looking for 6 youth interns, aged 16-25, to help out in our After school program.

    For more information about the 4 positions in the Children’s program, click here: ASP Intern Sept 2017

    For more information about the 2 positions in the Homework program, click here: HEY Intern Sept 2017

    Applications can be sent to vanessak@ircom.ca. Positions will be open until filled.

  • A Guide For Newcomer’s Regarding Indigenous People of Manitoba
    October 24, 2016

    MCC has created a wonderful guide regarding Indigenous People in Manitoba to help Newcomers understand the cultures and histories of Indigenous People. Check it out here: Indigenous People of Manitoba: A guide for newcomers.