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Volunteers in Action with Naomi Gichungu

  • Naomi Gichungu
        “I always strive to impact other people’s lives, it’s never been just about the greening, but it is social as well.” You might have met Naomi Gichungu at IRCOM, walking among the plants in our various greening spaces, and helping out a great deal by giving advice on how... Read More
  • New Phone System!!
    March 3, 2016

    On March 2, 2016, IRCOM got a new phone system. Please be patient with us as we learn all the quirks that come with it, and be sure to double check which extension you are dialing. ALL EXTENSIONS HAVE CHANGED!!! Here is a quick look at the new staff extensions:

    Administration: 101

    Community Resource Program: 102, 103, 104

    Housing: 105

    Asset Building Program: 106, 107, 108

    Volunteer Program: 109, 111

    Executive Director: 110

    Homework Program: 112

    Newcomer Literacy Initiative: 113

    Childcare Program: 114

    After School Program: 115, 150, 151

    If you aren’t sure which extension you are looking for, you can always dial extension 101 and our administrative assistant will put the call through to the appropriate staff member. To reach a specific staff member, check out our staff page.

  • Manitoba’s Response to the Syrian Crisis
    December 16, 2015

    There have been many questions lately about how Manitoba will respond to the incoming refugees from Syria. IRCOM is not directly involved in the coordination of response, though we support the efforts in every way we can and we expect to see many of the new arrivals in our housing and our programs.

    IRCOM’s unique model provides affordable housing and holistic settlement, social, educational, recreational and mental health supports for newcomers to Canada. If you would like to volunteer or donate funds to support IRCOM, please see our Volunteer Program or click on the donate button to the right.

    To support Syrian newcomers:

    If you would like to volunteer, donate goods, or offer an apartment for rent to help support the Syrian refugees, please call the Syrian Refugee Support Call Centre, being operated by the Red Cross, at 1-888-662-3211.

    If you are a landlord or someone who wants to offer rental or interim housing, you can email refugeehousing@gov.mb.ca. They are setting up an inventory.

    If you would like more information regarding the federal government’s plan for bringing in an additional 25,000 refugees, please visit Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s website.

    If you would like more information on how Canada’s settlement sector views and is responding to the incoming Syrian refugees, please read this press release that was issued on December 6.

    If you would like more information regarding how Manitoba’s provincial government is preparing to resettle the Syrian refugees, please see the website detailing the province’s co-ordinated action plan.

    If you would simply like more information regarding the people coming from Syria, you can find some context in this resource developed by CMAS, or check out the BBC timeline for the country of Syria.

  • Impact Story: Abreham
    December 15, 2015

    Abreham came to Canada in 2011 with his wife and 5 children. He wanted to find safe and affordable housing for them. A lack of resources, finances and very limited English made this a complicated and at times overwhelming task.

    IRCOM gave him the opportunities and resources that he needed to provide for his family. They were given safe and affordable housing where they could also learn to adapt to their new surroundings. It made things more comfortable for him when he found other tenants and staff who spoke his language. During his time at IRCOM Abreham gained an understanding of the Canadian financial system through the Asset Building Program, which provided him with one-on-one supports and money management training to help him reach his financial goals.

    Eventually, Abreham was able to successfully build his credit and manage his finances. The services provide by IRCOM allowed Abreham the opportunity to learn about credit, loans and budgeting, knowledge which allowed him to save and put a down payment on a home for him and his family. They now own their very own home and Abreham is well on his way to financial stability!