After School Program

The goal of IRCOM’s After School Program is to assist newcomer children and youth to positively integrate into their new environment in Canada. Our motivation is to provide opportunities for newcomer children and youth that will allow them to harness their potential, develop leadership and set goals for their futures.

Objectives of the IRCOM After School Programs:

  • EDUCATION: To provide educational activities like literacy and homework support in order to assist newcomer children and youth in cultural adaptation and language;
  • RECREATION: To provide stimulating and active recreational activities for children and youth which will promote the values of cooperation, non-violence and cross-cultural communication
  • EMPOWERMENT: To create a ‘space’ where self-esteem, recognition and appreciation for self, other and the environment can be learned and practiced
  • OUTREACH: To expose children and youth to the different service providers, opportunities, cross-cultural scenarios and types of activities that exist in their neighbourhood through outreach and collaboration with other agencies
  • PREVENTION: To keep youth away from high risk activities such as gangs, violence and substance abuse by providing positive mentorship and engaging activities

In addition to after school programming IRCOM also runs programs throughout the summer including overnight camping trips in partnership with other organizations in Manitoba.

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